Genesis is the first book in the Old Testament and the Bible starts with this book. In the book of Genesis is written how the world was created, how sin entered the world when the first human beings, Adam and Eve, disobeyed God and fell into sin. We can also read about how in the days of Noah God brought a flood over the earth and destroyed humans and animals, but God old Noah to build an ark so that his family could be saved. The second part of the book is the story about a particular family, that of Abraham, his son Isaac, Isaac's son Jacob and Jacob's twelve sons. It tells how God revealed himself to them. One of Jacob's sons was called Joseph. Joseph's brothers sold him and he ended up as a slave in Egypt, but later he became the ruler in Egypt and saved his own family and many others from a terrible famine. So Abraham's family survived and very long afterwards, our saviour Jesus Christ who sacrificed himself for humankind's sins was born from Abraham's blood line. The first prophecies about the coming of Jesus Christ are also found in the book of Genesis.

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